My two young sons went camping with their Dad and our Golden Retriever a few weeks ago and came home with fleas. The dog apparently hunted a baby squirrel and he must have got the fleas from it. Since we all love our dog Pete, we often times let it sleep in our beds. Since we had no idea Pete was having a flea party on his body, the inevitable happened. The bedroom bed and the bunk bed in my kids’ room got infected. At first, we thought we confused them with bed bugs, as my husband and my younger son got bites on their arms and legs. We later on discovered they were actually flea bites. I called ASAP Carpet Cleaners as one of my neighbors recommended their good service, and she was right. We scheduled an appointment the very next day I called them and they came over and assessed my mattresses. They recommended a full flea treatment on top of their regular mattress steam cleaning service. They had all the mattresses disinfected and killed and removed all the fleas and their eggs. They also got the blood stains out from where we had killed the fleas in our sleep and deodorized them. I have to admit they did a flawless job. By the time they were gone, you would have never known we ever had this nasty problem to begin with. Five star service, and good prices too – we thought they were going to charge a lot extra for the fleas, but their rates were really decent. ” Joanne R., Brooklyn

 I’ve recently moved into a new rental condo and the state I found the carpets in was absolutely horrible. The living room carpet was covered in what appeared to be red wine stains – at least I hope that is what they were – and the area rug in the hallway had broken fringes and discoloration all over. The bedroom wool rug didn’t look any better either. It had two large bleach stains right in the middle – probably the old tenants spilled something and desperately tried to clean it with a bleach cleaner. I couldn’t handle having to look at those nasty stains every time I got home, so I did a brief search for a carpet cleaner in NYC. I came across ASAP Carpet Cleaners and I checked out their website. They seemed legit, so I gave them a call and their friendly operator gave me a free estimate for the three carpets, after I gave them all the details I could (size approximation, number and type of stains, materials) and I was satisfied with the quote. So I scheduled a day and they came over and brought their magic tools with them. Not only did they manage to remove all bleach and wine stains, but they even fixed the broken fringes and only used green cleaning products. Would definitely recommend. Todd S., New York

 The tile and grout in my bathroom and kitchen haven’t had a proper deep clean in few good years. So I finally decided to get some professional help. I gave ASAP Carpet Cleaners a call and they sent someone over on a Tuesday afternoon. It only took them a few hours to leave my nasty tile and grout covered in deeply embedded dirt and grout looking sparkling clean. I liked that they didn’t use any harmful chemicals, as I have a toddler and two small dogs. I’ve already scheduled a new job six months from now, for maintenance. They’re fast and cheap, so why go through the hassle on my own?  Sylvia M., Queens

 We leave our dog alone for half a day, every day, Monday to Friday, as both me and husband have to commute into the city. We never had any problems so far, but one Friday evening we got home a few hours later than the usual. It was our anniversary and we had booked a table at our favorite restaurant. Our dog didn’t take it very well, as we came home to quite the “surprise” on our expensive Persian handmade rug. We called a cleaning service the next day, but we had the most disappointing experience. They didn’t get the odor out, and there was a huge yellowish stain where the urine stain used to be. We then called my sister and she recommended ASAP Carpet Cleaners. They arrived on Monday and picked up our carpet and brought it back three days later in pristine condition. Communication was constant and the pricing was smaller than the first service we had hired.  Ashley R., Long Island

 Excellent furniture cleaning services, right on time and good pricing. I was in a real hurry to clean my office furniture before a big client meeting, and they did an outstanding job. Will definitely hire again!  David R., New York

 A real pleasure working with these guys. They took care of my carpet and hardwood floors and left my flooring looking like brand new, nice and shiny. They even added protective coats and sealing for long-term protection. Ben T., Brooklyn

 My Turkish carpet was never professionally cleaned, and it was covered in a huge footprint for the last couple of years. I gave them a call and they came over 20 minutes late – they called and updated me on their ETA, they were jammed in the NYC traffic. They picked up my carpet after giving me a free estimate and even provided some free tips on maintenance. They dropped my carpet off at a time that worked best for me, stain-free and looking fresher and cleaner than ever. Fred S., New York

 Friendly team, professional service, fair prices, they left my old sofa looking brand new. Would recommend 5/5. Anka W., Queens