Hardwood Floor Cleaning Brooklyn

Commercial / Residential

The ASAP Carpet Cleaners team specializes in the entire array of wood floor cleaning services that can successfully leave your floors looking sparkling clean every time, as well as extend their life. Our wood floor care IICRC-certified technicians are readily available to get you rid of all traces of dirt, grime, oil, allergens, and other types of contaminants known to considerably weaken your home or office flooring and trigger expensive repairs.

The ASAP Carpet Cleaners service handles a lot more than simple floor cleaning solutions. Most cleaning products for wooden floors only clean surface dirt. Our special dirt extraction methods will successfully pull out all the hidden dirt in the fibers and boards, then manually clean and dry the surfaces. At the end of the procedure, they will apply a top coat that will help your floors regain their original shine.

Residential NYC Wood Floor Cleaning

Debris Removal

Our debris removal procedures will ensure all large pieces of dirt will be effectively removed from within the boards of your floors. The ASAP Carpet Cleaners team will carefully assess the type of wood floors you have installed in your home or office space and recommend the best approach. Different types of floors made of various materials require distinct cleaning techniques. Using the wrong cleaning and debris-removal methods could lead to damage caused to your expensive floors. The replacement costs will definitely be larger than the price you would have to pay for having your hardwood floors professionally cleaned.

Expert Scrubbing Services For Hardwood Floors

The team of expert hardwood floor cleaners at ASAP Carpet Cleaners specializes in advanced scrubbing techniques. Our care and maintenance treatment is destined to aggressively handle all traces and types of tough dirt. With the help of cylindrical cleaning equipment that works by precipitating the dirt, all residue is loosened and set free from the fibers, deep within the boards.

We also work with state-of-the-art extraction equipment that will pool out all dirt and cleaners and leave the wood floor dry. Our main goal is to leave your hardwood floors looking brand new every time, and we struggle to achieve that through all means possible. This means we will not hesitate to put our second scrub service into practice. Second scrubbing will accurately pick up any remaining traces of dirt, dust, debris, or residue for exquisite results every time and make sure everything is in pristine condition.

Hand Cleaning Services

Our trained technicians also handle the cleaning of edges, corners, and similar floor areas that are more difficult to gain access to using traditional cleaning methods. Our skilled and experienced hard floor cleaning technicians will use microfiber cloths to reach any remaining surface dirt and leave your floors looking clean and shiny.

Top Coat Application

Applying top coating to your freshly cleaned wood floors should leave them free of any traces of spots. You can make your pick out of our special gloss and satin finishes and have your floors look streak-free and flawless. We only work with quick-drying poly coating solutions that are extremely durable and will offer your wood floors a protective barrier against damage caused by water or chemicals. Say goodbye to any scratches and scuffing marks for a while, and say hello to your beautiful, shiny, clean wood floors.

Commercial NYC Hardwood Floor Cleaning

Your beautiful and expensive office hardwood floors are usually susceptible to a lot of foot traffic, and they are severely affected by the wear and tear factor. Business settings are often times confronted with dull and uninviting wood floors that are affecting the way the business is perceived by potential clients and business partners. In order to make sure your floors are projecting the right kind of appearance you are looking for, you should hire an expert wood floor cleaning expert in NYC. We will not only successfully restore your floors and bring them their original shine back, but we can also help you protect your investment on the long term with our special coating solutions.

We have developed a highly efficient deep cleaning extraction process that eliminated dirt that is difficult to spot that is usually found in floor cervices. The ASAP Carpet Cleaners team will remove the toughest residue with the help of proprietary cleaning agents and modern equipment lift for professional results.

Wood Floor Cleaning Prices

Get in touch with us and we will give you a free price estimate for your wood cleaning request. We will break down every cost for you and have all services clearly explained to you. Our estimate includes labor hours and materials used to remove surface dirt, debris, and grime, as well as non-permanent stains, deep cleaning, scrubbing, and manual washing equipment consumables and supplies, the time needed to move or protect items in the area where the wood floors need to be cleaned, transportation and top coating costs.

Give us a call today and schedule an appointment with us. We will give you free, no-obligation estimates and introduce you to our IICRC-certified team of expert wood floor cleaners.