Viscose Rug Cleaning Services

Viscose rugs are soft to walk on, beautiful to look at, and their special shimmer is what makes them so incredibly popular among buyers. They closely resemble the beautiful silk rugs that are known for their steep prices; however, they are no way near as expensive. Unfortunately, viscose rugs are known for being incredibly weak and difficult to clean.   ASAP Carpet Cleaners specialize in cleaning all types of viscose carpets and rugs. Whether you own a rayon rug, an art silk rug, a banana carpet, or a bamboo rug, give us a call and allow us to prove to you why we are the number one area rug cleaner in town.


Popular Viscose Carpet Cleaning Services We Are Hired To Do

We have been in the area rug cleaning business for over a decade and we have accumulated the necessary expertize and experience needed to tackle any complex viscose rug cleaning job with precision and efficiency. We guarantee a job well done every time, and we promise to come back and go over all the cleaning steps once again provided you are not fully satisfied with our work.

Here is what we can assist you with:

  • viscose rug inspections
  • color run tests on inconspicuous surfaces
  • viscose carpet washing
  • dry vacuuming
  • stain removal, including pet waste and pet urine
  • temperature-controlled drying rooms with special humidity and grooming options

Why Viscose Rugs Are Hard To Clean

While most area rugs and carpets can be cleaned with regular steam cleaning, washing, and vacuuming methods, viscose rugs fall into a distinct category. They are extremely vulnerable because of the weak cellulose fibers they are made from. This makes them extremely susceptible to tearing and pulling during vacuuming, as well as color runs, fading, and staining during washing, and more.

This means that they require a unique approach and special cleaning procedures that can limit the potential damage while promoting the expansion of their lifespan. A viscose rug has a particularly soft sheen and it usually features a luxurious design that makes it highly appealing to the buyer. Unfortunately, it is made from fibers obtained in dedicated viscose factories that process wood pulp and cotton by-products and mix them with various harmful chemicals. Disposing of these rugs once their lifecycle is over or whenever they are too deteriorated to serve their purpose means polluting the environment, as most of them reach the landfills. This is why it is critical to prolonging their lifespan as much as possible, thus lowering your carbon footprint and enjoying your precious rugs for longer, whether at home or at your commercial space.

While viscose is almost as vulnerable and easy to break as paper since it is made from a special type of cellulose, we advise against viscose carpeting because of the difficulties that cleaning these rugs will pose to you. Even the smallest stain that is tackled the wrong way, using lots of fresh water and improper stain removal products could wreak havoc on the rug and force you to throw it away.

However, if you are still a big fan of these rugs and you would like to have them decorate your home, you could hang them up your walls instead of using them as floor coverings. This way, they should get dirty less frequently and you should be able to prevent irreversible damages as a result of repeated washing cycles.

At the moment, viscose is only manufactured in Thailand and India, and most viscose carpets are also manufactured there. If you own such a rug, keep in mind that its fibers are a lot less sturdy compared to the fibers found in wool or even silk rugs. Viscose fibers will only withstand around 70 stretches and bending attempts, whereas wool fibers will handle as many as 10,000 stretches. Silk, on the other hand, can only withstand about 2,000 bending and stretching cycles.

When water reaches viscose, it causes the fibers to lose half of their strength. Plus, washing and vacuuming these rugs using powerful vacuums will lead to the fibers breaking and getting discolored, eventually leading to the complete loss of the sheen.

Why Hire Our Professional Viscose Carpet Cleaners

We only hire cleaning technicians who have obtained their IICRC certificates, which ensure their skills and hands-on experience cleaning all types of area rugs, viscose rugs included. Our company has accumulated many years of experience working with viscose carpeting and, accordingly, we are fully prepared, trained, and ready to tackle any simple or complex job you might need us to do.

We are familiar with all the vulnerabilities of these rugs and the risks associated with them getting wet or subject to high humidity levels during the steam cleaning.

We have developed a special cleaning protocol that consists of thorough carpet assessments that will allow us to determine the best cleaning methods that would best work for your custom carpet needs. We never initiate any washing session without performing a color dye running test to make sure we will not be causing the colors to completely bleed. However, it is expected for rugs to lose a shade at the end of each new washing procedure that usually consists of two washes.


We know how much water to use, when and how to use steam cleaning, and how to use the right low-power vacuum cleaners to prevent fiber pulling, yellowing, bleeding, and other similar issues.

We can effectively remove pet urine stains and other food spills, and we can do it without causing any extensive matting and crushing that are expected to happen when these rugs are cleaned with large amounts of freshwater or steam.

Competitive Viscose Carpet Cleaning Prices

Get in touch with us and allow us to provide you with a free and comprehensive price estimate that incurs no obligations on your behalf. We charge some of the smallest and most affordable viscose carpet cleaning prices in the industry and we can assist you with any art silk rug cleaning or rayon rug cleaning services you might need.

Give us a call now and allow us to prove to you why we are the best viscose carpet cleaners in the area!