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Popular sofa cleaning NY services we specialize in:

  • fabric and leather sofa cleaning
  • industrial vacuum cleaners
  • sofa steam cleaning
  • couch pigmentation
  • sofa stain and pet stain removal
  • eco-friendly, allergen-free products

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Fabric Upholstery Sofa Cleaning NY

Sofas, chairs, armchairs, ottomans and upholstered benches are some of the most appealing furniture pieces in any home as they beautifully complement any décor. They usually come with lots of foam cushions for extra comfort and they are enclosed with fine leather, but also various fabrics and even faux leather. Accordingly, they are also some of the biggest magnets for harmful buildups made of germs, dirt, dust mites, bacteria and allergens. The invisible germ cocktails you sit on everyday are formed as dead skin cells, dust in the air, pollen, crumbs and spills get trapped deep within the fibers and crevices. Without regular maintenance and periodical deep sofa cleaning NY performed by professionals, the buildup will keep growing by the day, causing allergies, skin rashes and other health problems you may have a hard time finding explanations for.

Our IICRC-certified technicians have the know-how and the right tools to eradicate these tiny microorganisms that most people are completely unaware of until they start getting sick. If you have small children in the house, we recommend periodical sofa cleaning solutions once every few months. Plus, with the help of industrial vacuum cleaners, we can help you prevent structural damage to your sofa or armchairs. When dirt particles rug against the fabric in your couch every time you sit on it, they create harmful abrasion that will eventually lead to the fabric getting scratches, cracked open or suffering severe wear-and-tear effects. The colors and patterns in your sofa will begin to fade, lose their brightness and freshness and start looking dull and heavily used.

We can eliminate the abrasive particles in the fibers and cervices and use environmentally-friendly cleaning products to get rid of all stains and traced of dirt and organic buildup. Once all the decomposing microorganisms will be eliminated, the bad odors should also no longer be a problem. You will not only enjoy a fresher and cleaners looking sofa thanks to our custom sofa cleaning NY services, but also get to enjoy purer air to breath inside your home. We rely on powerful sofa steam cleaning methods to eradicate the great majority of germs in a completely safe way for both the couch and the people living in the household.

Couch Pet Stain Removal Services In New York

Dogs and cats will not only shed hair and fur that gets trapped into the fibers, forcing you to vacuum on a daily basis, but they also periodically add to the organic buildup and provide food for other bacteria to feed off of. Plus, their waste is also a damaging factor that can cause severe staining, nasty odors and a general state of discomfort.

Our team specialized in sofa pet stain and waste removal services in the entire New York area with the help of the safest and most effective green spot removal cleaning products in the industry. We are up-to-date with our clients’ need for secure solutions that also protect the environment and this is why we only work with non-toxic, chemical-free, allergen-free and green products. Expect your sofa to be pet stain- and odor-free and stay like that for a long time thanks to our sofa scotchgard services.

Sofa Scotchgard Services NY

We rely on advanced upholstered and leather couch scotchgard solutions that will add a protective layer to the surface of your furniture and postpone the regular wear-out process as well as staining. With the help of the most suitable sprays that will match the exact fabric in your sofa, we will help you enjoy the freshness for longer and make cleaning and maintenance a lot easier.

Expert Pigmentation Couch Services

We offer specialized sofa pigmentation solutions the shades, colors and patterns of the sofa, as well as the faded tan. Our technicians also handle professional shade matching services for aniline leather at affordable rates.

Affordable Sofa Steam Cleaning Prices NY

Call now and ask for a free price quote and let us provide you with a fully-comprehensive and transparent estimate, topped by the most affordable sofa cleaning NY prices in town.