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If you own an original, antique woven Oriental rug from Kashan, you are probably familiar with its incredible value. Its charm and beauty have also probably conquered your heart by now. But did you know that traditional carpet weaving skills in the Iranian province of Kashan were included in the UNESCO Intangible Cultural heritage List in 2010? The traditional art of Azerbaijani carpet weaving was also inscribed on the same honorific list. In other words, your carpets may be worth even more than you thought. You have every reason to keep them protected against all threats, so you can continue to enjoy them for a long time. The ASAP Carpet Cleaners team is here to assist you with your exact cleaning, maintenance, repair or stain-removal needs. We take pride in our Oriental rug cleaning services and skilled team hundreds of satisfied customers that continue to enjoy their precious carpets thanks to our advanced services speak volumes in terms of the kind of work we do. Get in touch with us and schedule an appointment and let us provide you with free and transparent estimates of the final costs of having your oriental rugs cleaned professionally.

Oriental Rug Cleaning Services We Offer

  • free assessment services
  • professional oriental rug cleaning services
  • IICRC-certified cleaning technicians
  • Oriental rug restoration and repair
  • damage-free stain and spot removal
  • maintenance service
  • deodorization services
  • flat woven and pile woven carpet cleaning
  • silk, wool and cotton rugs

No matter how badly stained, dirty or sensitive your Oriental rugs, we have a custom solution for them. Along the years, we have carefully studied, researched and practiced our cleaning and stain-removal skills. We have gathered the right kind of experience needed to assess each type of fiber, heavy textile, material, type of weave, color dye and other specific and unique elements that each carpet comes with. We can determine what is the best solution considering these exact details. We never use any generic cleaning methods, as we know each rug is different and has its own requirements. Damage can be easily caused to these precious Oriental rugs given the sensitive materials they are made from, so we strongly advise to only hire expert cleaning services who are IICRC-certified and specialized in this category of carpets.

Our Most Popular Oriental Carpet Cleaning Services

No matter if your Oriental rug is used at home or in the office, for symbolic, decorative purposes or for real, practical use, you need expert help when it comes to cleaning deeply-embedded dirt within the fibers and stubborn stains you cannot clean with over-the-counter products.

Deep Cleaning Services For Oriental Rugs

Pile woven or flat woven without the pile, made of cotton, silk or wool, Oriental rugs are Oriental carpets are often times part of Jewish, Christian and Islamic households, where they play the role of Torah ark covers, altar covers or prayer rugs. They can, therefore, be subject to a lot of traffic and repetitive use, which could, in turn, cause their colors and designs to fade over time. Accidental spills and dirt, dust and mildew can also represent harmful factors for these rugs. If you won such a rug and you need it thoroughly cleaned, we warmly advise you to get in touch with us. Our friendly and professional team of Oriental rug cleaners will closely assess all of the elements of your rug and come up with the most reliable and efficient plan of action.

We Clean All Sizes Of Rugs

We handle room-size and pillow-sized carpets with equal care and consideration and we always perform a damage test on an inconspicuous the surface of the rug to make sure there is no risk of damaging the dyes in the carpet. We also handle floor coverings and decorations for animals and we can guarantee to make your oriental rugs look and feel brand new again. We rely on allergen and dust mite removal, as well as the elimination of any traced of mold or mildew. We only rely on deep dirt extraction techniques with the help of wall-mounted systems and we closely follow the manufacturer’s recommendations every time.

Oriental Rug Repair And Restoration Services

We specialize in removing all types of red wine, coffee, food, pet waste or dirt and grime stains and spots, including paint and bleach. We can fix broken fringes and reweave damaged wool or silk weaves and make your rugs look fresh and beautiful once again.

Rug Deodorizing Services

Our certified and insured technicians can also provide you with a variety of additional maintenance services, including deodorizer services and stain-resistant protective coating application. The goal is to keep your freshly cleaned rugs looking plush and soft for a longer time.

The Best Oriental Rug Cleaning Prices In The Industry

We work fast and we charge some of the most affordable rates in the industry. We offer free estimates that are honest and fully transparent and we can assure you of a job well done every time. Keep in mind rug cleaning prices will tend to differ as there are different types of type. Call us and have us provide you with a free quote over the phone or an on-site estimation so you can know just what to expect. We promise no hidden fees and charges added to the final costs. We specialize in professional Oriental and carpet rug cleaning services and promise a top experience every time. Call today and ask for your estimate!