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ASAP Carpet Cleaners fully understands the type of impact that sparkling clean floors can have on any home or business. Both carpeting and flooring stand out as soon as someone walks into a room for the very first time. Business-wise, dirty floors that look like they have not been cleaned in a long time will tend to create a negative first impression that may stick with potential customers and business partners. Guests to your home will also not feel the most comfortable setting foot inside your home and noticing stained tile and dirty grout that haven’t been properly tackled in years.

We here at ASAP Carpet Cleaners know things can get hectic at times, especially when you are running a business or managing a household filled with small children and pets. You simply do not have the time or energy to do the kind of deep cleaning you would like to do at times. This is why we have developed a state-of-the-line floor cleaning services that specialize in anything and everything from hardwood floor cleaning to carpet cleaning/dyeing/restoration, tile and grout services and more. Get in touch with us to find out exactly what we can do for you and your home or business flooring needs.

Professional Flooring Services We Offer

  • home and office floor cleaning services
  • eco-friendly, non-allergenic cleaning products
  • hardwood floor cleaning
  • tile and grout cleaning
  • steam-cleaning services
  • maintenance services
  • top customer support
  • affordable rates
  • and more

We take great pride in the advanced flooring services we have to offer and we are ready to help you make your home and commercial space floors look bright, shiny, thoroughly clean, disinfected and smelling fresher than ever. Out extraordinary workmanship is only topped by our unparalleled customer service. With the help of advanced, eco-friendly truck-mounted steam cleaning gear, as well as various other types of professional cleaning tools and products that are allergy-free and non-harmful to both you and the environment, we  can get any job done on no time. We work fast and accurate and we charge some of the most affordable floor cleaning rates in the industry. Feel free to check out our website for more information on the type of work we do, or simply contact our customer support service and let us schedule a meeting.

Top Customer Support Services

We believe building powerful ties with each and every one of our customers is essential when it comes to providing the top-notch service we are known for. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff can provide customers with the detailed information and peace of mind needed when shopping for a floor cleaning service.

With the help of advanced software, we are able to maintain positive relationships with our customers and provide them with advance call notifications so they do not have to wait around on our team to arrive as scheduled. Give us a call today and ask for a free estimate, then hire us to make your floors look better than ever.

Efficient Residential And Commercial Floor Cleaning Services

Reasons why you should hire us and not opt for a rental machine:

  • we can save you precious time, money and energy. Avoid doing the dirty work on your own and let us help you free up more time in your busy schedule.
  • We can help you avoid having to worry about buying the best cleaning products or renting the most affordable and at the same time reliable floor cleaning machine on town. Don’t sit in lines waiting for the next machine to become available.
  • Our advanced hardwood floor or tile and grout cleaning services will not only do a more thorough job than a machine you will need to use on your own, but they will also cost less than the total costs of rental and product buying.
  • Our truck-mounted steam cleaners are of a higher quality than any rental device you will be able to find, which means we will get the job done in almost half the time and with a lot more power under our belts.
  • We also handle natural stone cleaning and maintenance, as well as water extraction services in case of emergencies, stain protection for floors and carpeting and more.

Tile And Grout Cleaning Services

Known as being particularly difficult to clean, tile and grout require a lot of regular maintenance such as sweeping, vacuuming, mopping and rubbing using all sorts of cleaning products that contain harmful substances. More often than not, these solutions fail to get the job done, which leads to more and more dirt settling on the surface of tile and deeply embedded in the grout. Give is a call today and let us handle your exact tile and grout flooring needs, including countertop cleaning.

If your tile is looking dull or has started to darken in color, you are most likely dealing with trapped dirt deep within the pores and lines. We have the right tools and eco-friendly tools needed to eliminate all types of contaminants, debris, dirt, bacteria and mold. Our high power vacuum cleaners can successfully remove all traces of dirt, while our high-pressure rinse machines will finish the job.

Protective Seal Services For Your Floors

We rely on advanced penetrating sealers to further ensure the protection of your tile and grout against dirt and mildew. We guarantee your floors will look brand new for at least two years. We also specialize in grout color sealing for colored tile and grout for bathrooms and kitchens. We handle all types of surfaces, ceramic, marble, granite and porcelain included.

Hardwood Floor Cleaning

Our extensive hardwood floor cleaning services are capable of successfully extending the life of all types of wood floors. We specialize in thoroughly cleaning all types of hardwood floors and leaving them looking bright and shiny every time. We can get you rid of all traces of oil, dirt, debris, mold and different other contaminants that might be preventing you from seeing the natural shine of your hardwood floors.

We handle deep dirt extraction from beneath the boards and hand-dry and clean all surfaces. We also apply top coats for added shine to all types of wooden flooring, according to their properties and compatibility with our products.

Affordable Floor Cleaning Prices

We do not only offer one of the fastest and most efficient hardwood floor and tile and grout cleaning services on the market, but we also charge some of the most affordable rates. We offer free of charge estimates and offer detailed price quotes that will let you know exactly how much you should expect to pay for each of our services.

Call today and let us show you exactly what we can do or you and your floor cleaning needs!