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Every once in a while, and sometimes more often than you would like, you see a new spot on your sofa or a stain on your favorite armchair. Accidental spills happen all the time, especially in households with small children and pets, or office spaces with a lot of employees. And when the dreaded spill happens, or a while later, you try to tackle it with a DIY method you’ve read about online, or your usual go-to upholstery cleaner. Most of the time, your quick and relatively simple solutions generate the desired results. Unfortunately, not seeing any visible, surface stains does not automatically imply your upholstery is clean. Plus, trying to manually clean the entire office furniture upholstery is simply not realistically doable.

ASAP Carpet Cleaners specializes in the entire array of furniture and upholstery cleaning services for both residential and commercial needs in Brooklyn and its surrounding areas. Clean upholstery is critical for ensuring the quality of the air you breathe inside your home or office is at its highest possible peak. It is also a good way of keeping allergy-triggering factors such as mold, mildew, and dust away. These microscopic organisms go unnoticed to the human eye. But simply because you cannot see a problem does not mean it is not there. Hiring professional upholstery and furniture steam cleaning services like the ASAP Carpet Cleaners to keep your furniture clean and protected against future stains will work wonders on your sofas in the long term. And it will also help you avoid various health issues since bacteria is known to cause diseases.

At ASAP Carpet Cleaners in Brooklyn, we fully grasp the critical importance of clean home and office upholstery, and we rely on the best technologies in the industry to guarantee your satisfaction every time.

How Does Upholstery Cleaning Work?

The upholstery and furniture steam cleaning solutions provided by our skilled and experienced technicians will exceed even the most pretentious expectations. We use modern-day equipment that can clean any type of furniture upholstery, velvet and Jacquard included. We clean anything from Haitian cotton sofas to leather armchairs, and we begin every cleaning process with a thorough and detailed assessment of each piece of furniture that will require our attention. We can this way work on creating the most efficient custom plan for cleaning, considering the make and materials, type of stains and spots and the degree of difficulty in removing them, color fading and other factors.

We use a powerful hot-water extraction method that will remove tough dirt, food particles, stains, hand oil and grease from the fabrics of your home or office furnishings. We can steam clean desk chairs, sofas, armchairs, waiting room couches, and other similar pieces of furniture known to accumulate large quantities of grime.

Deodorizing And Advanced Protection Services

Once our technicians will have determined the most suitable sofa steam cleaning procedure, they will proceed to remove all the stains and restore the original colors and beauty of your furniture. They rely on expert cleaning equipment, as well as a deodorizer and protective coating services. Your home or office furniture should better handle future staining risks and be a lot easier to maintain clean. By spraying a powerful protector on your upholstered furniture, we will make sure the fibers in it will be sealed and kept safe from future liquid staining and dry soil. Your furniture will also better handle the wear-and-tear factor. Our special deodorizing service will successfully neutralize all odors by eliminating them at the source.

Convenient Furniture And Upholstery Steam Cleaning Services

We know how important it is to be able to maintain your household activities and business constantly running, which is why we provide convenient scheduling of our service. The drying time is one of the lowest in the industry, ranging from 2 to 6 hours, and it will ultimately depend on the method used.

ASAP Carpet Cleaners Offers IICRC Certified Upholstery Cleaning Services

The ASAP Carpet Cleaners company employs the best technicians in the industry for any furniture and upholstery steam cleaning procedure. All of our Brooklyn cleaners have received certificates from the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification. They have earned either a Journeymen or Master Status certification, which makes them well-suitable for any furniture cleaning job, no matter how simple or complex. They are also constantly and actively preoccupied with staying up-to-date with the latest developments in the furniture and upholstery cleaning industry. Our technicians are enrolled in regular training courses that help them deliver high-quality services with the help of advanced cleaning techniques and state-of-the-art gear.

Upholstery And Furniture Steam Cleaning Prices

The overall cost of having your upholstery and furniture steam cleaned depends on the number of furnishings, the composition of the materials, the staining status, and the existence of materials that require special care and handling. Special manufacturer instructions that will help cleaners avoid shredding or damaging a piece of furniture will also be put into practice, and they may be charged extra. Reclining furniture is usually more expensive to clean at a professional level, given the complexity of moving the seat forward to access the gears below. Larger surfaces of upholstery will also cost more to clean. Leather and suede are materials that cost more to clean because they employ a more delicate cleaning procedure. They also require the use of specific chemicals that will be added to the final tab.

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