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Area rugs do a great job at bringing a room together thanks to their excellent designs, colors and fabrics.  However, they also take a beating in a house with a lot of foot traffic, small children, pets and constant spilling. More often than not, regular vacuuming will not suffice, especially when dealing with large rugs or color run carpets made of delicate fabrics. Professional area rug cleaning services can thoroughly clean your carpeting without causing any damage to the fabrics and color dyes, freshen up dull and worn-out patterns and make your rugs look brand new like the day when you first rolled them.

Why Do You Need Professional Area Rug Cleaners?

No matter if you own an Oriental, modern, or antique area rug, we warmly recommend you to leave your most delicate pieces in the hands of people who have been trained to handle the special cleaning instructions these rugs come with. Given the fact that these rugs have incredibly high replacement costs and they are oftentimes unique models part of a precious family heirloom that cannot be repurchased, it is important to use expert area rug cleaners to clean and maintain your rugs in top shape. Proper cleaning techniques will not only prolong the lifespan of your Oriental carpets, but they will also help you enjoy better air quality inside the house while keeping allergies at bay. Give us a call now and schedule an appointment with us. We handle the entire array of area rug cleaning services at good prices and fast speeds.

The Types of Rugs We Clean:

Oriental Rug Cleaning Services We Offer

Area rugs should not only be cleaned when you notice visibly traces of dirt or when you can smell a nasty odor on them.

Carpets are constantly covered in dead skin cells, dust mites, deeply embedded dirt, tiny allergy-causing bacteria and mildew that could trigger a number of health problems.

Lots of allergies are triggered because of mold and mildew covering the carpeting, floors and walls inside the house. Your carpets are powerful magnets for a variety of microorganisms that are not visible to the naked eye but which can cause asthma, skin rashes and breathing problems that could affect any of the members of your household or company employees.

A home with small children in it or a kindergarten with children crawling on the floors all day should have the area rugs and all the carpets thoroughly cleaned by a professional cleaner at least once every 6 months.

Not having enough time to handle the cleaning yourself should not be used as an excuse for postponing a serious deep cleaning session for months in a row. There are professional area rug cleaning and care services like ours that can come to your help in no time. Don’t wait until you start to see how soiled your rug is; it is probably long overdue for expert cleaning.

Here is what the ASAP Carpet Cleaning team can do for you:

  • Careful area rug assessment for determining the fabrics, weaving techniques, dyeing procedures, completing color run tests and testing different cleaning methods on small and inconspicuous surfaces
  • The study of the Oriental rug cleaning and maintenance instructions issued by the manufacturer
  • Stain and spot removal services
  • IICRC-approved cleaning methods for area rugs
  • Affordable area rug cleaning costs
  • Advanced and eco-friendly steam cleaning techniques
  • Oriental carpet repairs
  • Fringe repairs

Non-Toxic Oriental Rug Cleaning Solutions

As opposed to our competitors, we only rely on 100% environmental-friendly cleaning supplies and equipment that will cause zero health issues and harm to humans, plans, pets or the environment.

Our non-toxic cleaning products contain no harmful chemicals that could ruin your carpeting, cause the colors to bleed or wreak havoc to the unique patterns. Our products also guarantee a longer lifespan for your precious area rugs.

We Clean All Types Of Oriental Area Rugs

We can handle any type of rug ranging from silk, cotton, hand-made or machine woven carpets for homes and commercial spaces, no matter the size, colors and fabrics in it.

We know each rug is different and requires a bespoke cleaning plan. We have experience cleaning thousands of area rugs over the years and we can asses, recommend, adjust and initiate the most suitable cleaning procedures for the custom needs of your rugs.

We can also handle re-fringing procedures for broken or worn-out fringes.

Our technicians provide re-serge services for the sides of the rugs and re-wrapping solutions for the edges. Moths, pets and accidental floods could all cause nasty staining, pile wear, snagging and damage that require the attention of an expert area rug cleaning service.

Our team is ready to handle any of these issues and many more. We can fix broken or missing padding, deal with any cuts in your carpeting and suggest the best solutions.

We use deep shampoo cleaning services, hand-washing and large industrial area rug machine washing procedures for the most efficient leaning process.

Give us a call, tell us what you need help with and we will come up with the best plan of action for your residential or commercial property.

Area Rug Cleaning Costs

Depending on the fabrics your rug is made of, the weaving technique and the type of carpet you need cleaned, the area rug cleaning costs will vary.

We provide free, zero-obligation area rug cleaning estimates over the phone, as well as free on-site assessments.

If you are not sure what kind of cleaning level your carpets need or what type of area rug you own, get in touch with our friendly customer support and let us guide your steps.

Why spend a fortune on buying new carpeting when you could pay a fraction of the cost of replacement with our expert area rug cleaning services? Call today and get your free estimate online!