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brooklyn skyline If you cannot remember when was the last time when you had a blast going out and about or you feel like you could use some tips on where to go, these next few lines will come in handy.

Take In The Scenic Manhattan Views

If you would like to enjoy the breathtaking Manhattan view over the East River, pick one of the numerous rooftop bars dispersed all over the waterfront going all the way to Williams burg. The skyline here is extremely generous and you will definitely have plenty of gorgeous scenes to admire and save on your smartphone roll. If you have never seen the Manhattan views from the William Vale or Hotel Brooklyn Bridge, you may want to give these spots a shot. Also, you could consider opting for one of the waterfront parks or taking the East River Ferry for some even more dramatic skyline views.

Play Shuffleboard

When was the last time when you played shuffleboard? How would you like to try this hipster-like activity at the Royal Palms Shuffleboard Club located in Gowanus? The bar has Florida as the main theme and it measures over 17,000 square feet. It hosts ten shuffleboard courts in full size and it even keeps a food truck nearby so you can grab a quick bite once you are done playing a few rounds of shuffleboard.
The Royal Palms Shuffleboard Club has gained so much popularity here that it even has its own competitions and league you can join.

Explore The City By Bike

If you would like to leave your car in the garage or the parking lot and experience Brooklyn like a genuine Brooklynite, you could rent a Citi Bike or hop on your own bike, if you have one. Experience the borough onbike riding Brooklyn two wheels. You will not only get in some workout in a fun way, but also get to choose your own route based on your particular interests, no strings attached. Keep in mind there are also organized bike tours you could book if you are looking for a more satisfying experience on your bike. For instance, the Brooklyn Bike Tours offer themed bike tours that will lead you to the coolest graffiti spots and beer bars via Coney Island and other interesting destinations.

Visit The Navy Yard

Brooklyn Bridge is a cliché when it comes to tourist visiting Brooklyn. However, this spot is truly mesmerizing and continues to periodically attract millions of people every year. Many of them live in Brooklyn and other New York boroughs and they choose this spectacular location due to the undeniable charm of this majestic bridge that ties Manhattan to Brooklyn. You can walk on the bridge, pass it on a bike or drive a car, or you can book a helicopter tour and admire it from above. The bridge has a number of different vantage points spread all around the city that you are going to love to discover.

Most people are drawn by the dedicated pedestrian walkway that is placed just above the car traffic for a unique and unforgettable stroll of around 30 minutes. Nonetheless, we are sure you are going to want to take your time to take a few dozen photos, so your walk will probably take longer than half an hour.
Get A Bagel At Tal Bagels In The Upper West Side Bagels are definitely some of the favorite if not the most iconic street snacks that New Yorkers love to grab on the go every time they get the chance. Given the large number of bagelries spread all around Brooklyn, you could say that they are given a lot of chances. One particularly appealing bagelry you should stop by when out and about in Brooklyn is Tal Bagels. OG Brooklyners know very well these bagels are best served while hunching over a park bench or right at the countertop and this spot does sell some of the tastiest “everything” bagels toasted with some divine cream cheese.

Check Out The Peter Pan Bakery

If you are passionate about discovering some cool OG bakeries around New York and the Brooklyn borough in particular that serve out-of-this-world doughnuts, check out the Peer Pan Bakery and see all your dreams come true on the spot. Get a fresh, finger-licking Bavarian cream or some other delicious fried sweets. Keep in mind you have every chance of seeing people wait in line for one of their tasty doughnuts, so make sure to also add a couple of delicious egg creams to make your wait well worth it.

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